Core Values

Ethical, Fair, Collaborative, Respectful, Innovative, Resident Focused, Results Oriented


Together, Building a Better Golden Valley!


I am committed to open, responsive and, effective city government that encourages civic engagement and moves Golden Valley forward.

Strategic Plan

I will focus on four strategic priorities based on the key concepts and definitions listed below.

Targeted Development and Redevelopment:

‘Focus on corridors including Hwy 394, Hwy 55 and Hennepin County roadways; enhance downtown GV shopping, eating and entertainment venues; promote higher density residential neighborhoods in select areas; secure appropriate public investment in commercial properties and housing including affordable workforce and senior housing; finalize Golden Valley Road light rail transit station area build-out.’

I am committed to balanced development that meets local needs.

Infrastructure Maintenance and Enhancement:

‘Guide the construction and utilization of the new Brookview Community Center; analyze and align the locations and efficiencies of Fire Stations to ensure effective emergency response; continue to support the build-out of the Blue Line light rail transit extension; implement the 90 year cycle Infrastructure Plan to address ongoing street, sidewalk, water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, open space and recreation, and city building needs.’

I am committed to vibrant, safe neighborhoods that preserve the best of Golden Valley while thoughtfully planning for the future.

Financial Stability:

‘Provide fiduciary leadership in developing a comprehensive finance plan to effectively address Golden Valley’s outstanding debt; ensure adequate budget reserves; maintain city’s Aa1 bond rating; scrutinize operating expenditures on a monthly basis; identify alternative revenue source including enterprise funds generated by the new Brookview Community Center; collaborate with our legislative delegation to renegotiate city’s fiscal disparities formula.’

I am committed to ensuring Golden Valley’s strong and stable financial position now and into the future.

Effective Governance:

‘Emphasis will continue to be placed on transparent and deliberative council communications, council teamwork, and processes/decisions that are respectful of constituents, mission and values driven, and timely in execution.’

The current city council has been together for nearly four years…not always agreeing with each other and not without a few challenges along the way. But, we have learned to effectively work together and have, according to the 2016 Residential Survey conducted by the Morris Leatherman Company (MLC), received an 85 percent approval rating by city respondents. That’s one of the highest approval ratings in the Greater Twin Cities Area as noted by MLC!

I am committed to ensuring effective, efficient decisions are made that benefit city residents and that Move Golden Valley Forward!

The City of Golden Valley Strategic Plan 2016-2018 (+) was developed by the current City Council and key municipal managers in consultation with CRAIG RAPP, LLC. The four priorities come with a set of action plans,quantifiable goals and target dates. The Strategic Plan will likely be updated in 2018 to reflect changing conditions.  View the full report on the City of Golden Valley’s website.